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What this patient needs is a doctor, and the patient happens to be manpower training

I've spent a lifetime observing, questioning and probing. I am dissatisfied by the editorial distortion of the messages I send to my colearners via traditional journals. Clearly there must be a better way to communicate than to have impartial reviewers and editors redraw the image I wish to create. I believe that the Internet provides new opportunities, so I have embarked on a new strategy - to place essays on this webpage as I wrote them. Now you can read the exact picture I wish to draw. I want to start a discussion among interested readers, not necessarily doctors or physician assistants, but anyone with a curiosity to live and learn.

August 21, 2003 Duke Dean's Hour:

October 31, 2003 Duke Medical Alumni Weekend:

Christmas 2003

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Thoughts about Learning (with Frank)

Breaking the Medical Monopoly on Manpower Production

Early Results Comparing PA and Cardiology Fellow Performance

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If you are curious, motivated, unafraid of controversy and ready for a difficult battle, then join me in my final campaign. Send email email to Frank and he will forward to me. If I manage to get my email client to work then I'll answer you directly. I continue to prefer the phone: 919 693 4531

Here is a reminder that I fully understand the forgetting curve and wish to use my web pages to help you develop your Internet memory. If you started on my home page and had a Google episode, then here is an opportunity to reinforce your learning. If you pass up this opportunity, then you are moving along the forgetting curve. Here is a window to Google - open and available for you to explore. I suggest that you search for: internet-centric learning . Again we are on top.


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