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This is the place that Gene and Evelyn and Bill and Lucy and Nancy built

October 31, 2003: A Halloween Surprise: Lifetime Recognition Reward

Duke Medical Alumni Weekend

Stead Lecture

Bill and Galen, getting ready for the Stead Lecture (see for Bill's Presentation )

A Birthday with New PA Students

October 6, 2003: PA Day and my 95th Birthday

No loss of smiles and attention here (click photo for full size)

Two Trouble Makers - they started the PA ball rolling and its been gaining momentum for 30+ years: E. Harvey Estes and Eugene A Stead, Jr.

Sandy Williams, A Gargoyle and Gene

Photos from a March 2003 Visit

Eugene Stead Jr., at the lake palace

Eugene Stead's friend, John Williams (by now you are wondering why Eugene instead of Gene. Its an interesting struggle between Gene and Google. To find the answer, you'll have to send email to Gene).

Still plenty of energy in Eugene (Gene)

A university is simply a community of learners:
Gene's favorite setting, exchanging insights between a senior learner and a junior learner (Josh)

Each visit ends with a walk to the gate and a talk with Bucky

A morning goodbye from Gene and Evelyn - two superb care-givers

There is a small competition - can I make a better black/white photo than the one that Evelyn dislikes ( this is a small family secret). So here are two photos, as a color and black/white image. Personally, I prefer the b/w variant and declare that I am clearly the winner of this competition.

Gene and Pascal Goldschmidt: Training the next generation of learners

Our hi-tech moment: In case you are curious about how to get to Gene's lake palace, here are the GPS tracks from my visit the Josh in Raleigh, then Gene and Evelyn at Honolee.

Stay tuned for more action Gene is curious whether anyone actually reads his papers so we want to install a counter. Tell your friends and lets see if we can move his page up the list of hot Google sites!

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