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July 31, 2005: Early morning walk to the Boulangerie
In search of shadows, Pain au raisin, Pain au chocolat and baguettes.

Early morning without words

Early morning look to the east

Early morning from our flat

Walking to our favorite boulangerie - are many interesting side streets and morning shadows. What I really like about Paris is that for the most part, streets are quite short. So when you look down a street - you see the end - giving me the impression of a small village.

Our (really my) favorite Boulangerie

Our friendly Boulanger

Now for the walk back to our flat - past a few Metro stops

Past a small church bathed in sunlight

Past a fresh fruit and vegetable market

Love is alive under the Metro tracks

and on to our street (Emile Zola), stopping to admire a few side streets

The entrance to our building and elevator

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