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August 1, 2005: Paris bridges and a surprise

The morning weather was not cooperative. I walked up Av. Emile Zola until I got to the Seine - then walked up the river. Along the way was a sign with a bridge - hmmmm - my backup bridge photo!

My first suprise was something for everyone: a bridge, the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower - juxtaposed. Somehow from driving, I never noticed this.

Then I observed what bridges are made for

I suppose that the quiet water, perfect for reflections, more than compensated for the absence of morning sun

Here is the Statue of Liberty - front and back

And another nice reflection of a bridge and Tour Eiffel

Here are simply interesting reflections.

And here was a bridge for Metros only (at least I could not find a way to walk / jog across it.

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