Another adventure with Trevor, Rachel and Max in France
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Visit the flat we rented
(July 23)
Tour de France
(July 24, 30)
(August 1)
Morning Reflections
(August 2)
Streets of Paris
A morning with Max
(July 31)
Bridges and Structures
(August 2)
Visit the Ravenel Bridge

From our bedroom window - about 6am

As I walked toward the bridge - the colors changed dramatically (6:15 am)

6:20 am

More views of the Statue of Liberty and Tour Eiffel (6:22 am)

A view of the bridge looking west (6:23 am)

A view of the bridge and the Statue of Liberty looking east (6:29 am)

Looking from the walkway along the river (6:33 am)

More of the ever-changing colors along the horizon (6:34 am and 6:39 am)

(6:47 AM)

Looking east - a quiet river and reflections of buildings, the statue of Liberty and the Tour Eiffel - Each of the following 3 images is slightly later in time: 6:50am

6:52 am

6:54 am

A view of both sides of the Seine - looking east (7:00 am)

A view of both sides of the Seine - looking west (7:01 am)

A surprise for Marvin - Lafarge, the supplier of cement for the Ravenel Bridge (7:05 am)

and a surprise for me: a smart reflection (7:06 am)

And I made my way home - past a newly discovered pastry shop

and so I will not forget this shop - its signature and nearest Metro stop

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