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(July 23)
Tour de France
(July 24, 30)
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Visit the Ravenel Bridge

July 23, 2005: A diversion - one of our family stories.
Time to escape and view the Ravenel Bridge from across the ocean. In this case, arrival in Paris the day before the finish of le Tour de France.
Tracking the construction of the new Cooper River Bridge has been fun, instructive and just plain interesting. My family has decided it is time for a break. Being a part-time bridge worker, they decided that a short holiday was in order - and I have the best son-in-law there is and provides great holiday possibilities. Imagine, a university economist who studies the comparitive agricultural policies of the California and French wine industry. So each year, Trevor takes his family in search of new data. Typically a few weeks in the south of France (near Beziers) and then a few weeks in Paris. Max was born two years ago - and guess who the baby sitters are?

We rent a small apartment in Paris and this year, Trevor was determined to create the possibilty of my taking a few photos of Lance Armstrong's finish of the Tour and of course, some bridges. Here is part of our story.

The early evening view from the roof of our flat and an early morning view of Tour Eiffel.

The Eiffel Tower during the evening. For 10 min on the hour the lights blink (right) whil the rest of the time, the lights are on continuously (left).

We typically fix dinner at home and here is a first draft: With Rachel, Max, Ellen, Trevor's Mom and Lesley.

Here is Rachel, Max and the real Max

and life is full of surprises - here a balloon hiding behind Trevor's back

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