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Irina, a Golden Silk Spider (Nephila clavipes) and friend, Slava
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Here is Slava, the male. This was a surprise because I was told that it was difficult to find males and photograph them. Not so, at least this summer. So here is Slava (the male) in different presentations as seen at Sandy's. Here there was very good light and the exposures parameters were 1/125 sec, f 3.5, and the camera was handheld:

Here is Irina (female), views of her back (dorsal) side. As you can see, she is quite beautiful, but not as large as Natalia, above.

The Couples: note that the male is typically oriented perpendicular to the female, as if always watching to make sure he is not the next tasty dinner treat! The ventral site (abdomen) of the female is seen

Here, evidence of female competition

Hmmm, females compete and seems like one was a tasty dinner treat.

Golden Silk

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Sandy has a remarkable collection of spiders that thrive in her yard. Click to visit Argiope Aurantia

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