Fulbright Alumni Experiences in Greece - 1997 - 1998

Note added Sept 2003: My Fulbright experience at the University of Patras was among the best academic experiences that I have had. I was awarded a Research/Lecturing award for the fall term, 1997. What made the experience so great? The Fulbright staff in Athens arranged a number of visits with other academic groups in Greece that gave us a feel of both the country and its academic programs. In addition, at the University of Patras, there were a number of students from Eastern European countries, primarily Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia that provided us with an inside look at lives in transition. We were fortunate to see some of the first Albanians at the beginning of their struggle. Together with the Greek students, we developed many new friends that have provided us with a continuing relationship with Greece. Two of our closest student friends, who arrived as we did in mid 1997, have just completed their PhD exams. To have been part of their program is/was priceless!

Current Athens Staff (2003)

  • Ms. Artemis Zenetou, Executive Director

  • Christina Athanasopoulou, Program Assistant
  • Sophie Cousoula, Senior Program Officer
  • Demetris Doutis, Educational Adviser (Thessaloniki office)
  • Angie Fotaki, Assistant to the Executive Director
  • Anna Gratsas, Educational Adviser
  • Nicholas Tourides, Educational Adviser and American Program Coordinator
  • Ioanna Zografou, Fiscal Analyst and Deputy Executive Director

    For more information contact
    fbright@compulink.gr or visit the Fulbright-Greece web site http://www.fulbright.gr

    Our Group - 1997-1998

    William R. Ammerman, Executive Director

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    97-98 American Fulbright Students

    Meghan Agresto University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

    Elif Denel Bryn Mawr College

    Brice Erickson University of Texas, Austin

    Stephanie Larson University of Texas, Austin

    Penelope Panailias University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    Peter Schultz Vanderbilt University

    Robert Smith Bryn Mawr College

    97-98 American Fulbright Scholars

    Ellen Baer New York University

    Slava Epstein Northeastern University

    Anastas Lazaridis Widener University

    Efstratios Michailides Tulane University

    Frank Starmer Duke University / Medical University of South Carolina

    1997 Orientation Highlights (in Athens and the Isle of Hydra)

    Program Highlights:

  • Mr. Robert Callahan, USIS, Athens: "Welcome and Greetings from your Embassy"
  • Mr. Petros Synadinos; Member, Olyjmpic Bid Committee: "Athens and the 2004 Olympic Games"
  • Mr. Nikiforos Diamantouros, Prof Political Science, Univ. Athens: "Cyprus"
  • Mr. Alex Karagiannis, US Embassy: "Greek-American Relations"
  • Mr. John Zervos, Director, The Athens Center: "Greece: A Different Place"

    Photo Memories from Hydra

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    More Hydra

    Interesting views of underwater life around Hydra
    Fish and Medusa Two curious fish and medusa (jelly fish)
    Fish-Medusa Dance A "flying saucer" medusa (jelly fish)

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