First Olympic games after 1604 years in the original Olympic Stadium

My Olympic Games Collection - a visit to Olympia with Andreas, Date: 393 AD

We spent the latter half of 1997 at the University of Patras as a Fulbright Scholar. We lived with Georgia and Andreas and their two boys - Spiros and Hercules. They had many friends, one being another Andreas, who was the local reporter for the television station, Ant 1. Andreas, the reporter, invited us to the Olympics - and we said, what olympics? He replied that in Olympia, the site of the original olympics, there would be a competition with athletes from all regions of greece - on Sept 7, 1997. The opportunity was unusal because these were the first games since 393 AD. I was new at the photography business and the results were a bit unspectacular as I was too far away for good closeups. However you can get some idea of the costumes and the competitions. Enjoy.

Stadium olympic stadium 393 AD olympics start 393 ADstart  olympics procession 393 AD Procession

The Games

Women's Start women's start race olympics 393 AD women's race olympics 393 AD Women's Race
Men's Start race start olympics 393 AD race olympics 393 AD Men's Race

Boxing boxing olympics 393 AD

Wrestling wrestling olympics 393 AD discus olympics 393 AD Discus
The Javelin javelin olympics 393 AD long jump olympics 393 AD The Jump

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