Frank's photos - I'm out of words just now

  • Where Josh started this essay
  • Chapter 1: The beginning Oman, Arriving in Chennai, and Eating Bread
  • Chapter 2: Hello and an introduction to street scenes
  • Chapter 3: A side trip to Valathi, a small village 200 km sw of Chennai
  • Chapter 5 Street Scenes with ending comments

    Adyar_river, on a better day

    Adyar has signs, signs and more signs. You get the impression that sign making is the Indian strategy for reducing unimployment

    This guy advertises that he vulcanizes tirs - but its all a front for full fledged motorcycle repair

    This is the bread factory at the Madras Club - started in the 1800s by somebody

    This guys is smushing a chunk of dough into a well formed loaf

    What happens to the loaf once it has been passed the "well formed loaf" process?

    It rests in the pullman loaf pan

    These guys make snacks. In fact, they make fantastic fried snacks at night.

    Look at the peppers and onions and carrots - all for making tasty night fried snacks.

    Stopping at a petrol_bank is always an adventure

    See - look at these guys making petrol-putting an adventure. It takes 3

    In case you were worried about the speculation about sign making - here are more signs in Adyar.

    See, its impossible to hide any sign - they are impossible to hide.

    This guy never gets tired of tea pouring: here is a medium distance pour

    See - he never tires. Here is tea pouring - but only for a short distance

    And here he is pouring tea so rapidly that it is blurred. This is no photo artifact

    Anyone seen the water_man?