More Pictures Taken During Fulbright Professor C. Frank Starmer, Ph.D.'s Trip To India, 2001

  • Where Josh started this essay
  • Chapter 1: The beginning Oman, Arriving in Chennai, and Eating Bread
  • Chapter 2: Hello and an introduction to street scenes
  • Chapter 3: A side trip to Valathi, a small village 200 km sw of Chennai
  • Chapter 4 with barbed comments

    A nice hotel with a Michelin rating of three (3) stars

    Some people frying foods on the street corner. It is highly likely that they are making Samosas, but I can't be sure.

    An auto rickshaw with a sweet horn. If you get in the way of this wallah richshaw driver when he is on his way to see his favorite Bollywood superstars in their latest hindi film, he will squeaze the bulb that powers this super deluxe honker to let you know to get out of his way!

    Bananas are available.

    Fulbright Professor C. Frank Starmer, Ph.D.'s favorite hangout. I see him there all of the time just chilling out with his crew.

    Federal Express, struggling to make the 10:00 am delivery deadline.