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Phase Plots With Maple

The phase plot illustrations in the section on Differential Equations, Section 2.4, were drawn using maple. The first thing you need to do is declare that you want to use the DEtools. This is done with the command:
> with(DEtools):

To draw the plot in Figure 2.10.1, the following commands were then used:

> deq1 := D(y)(t) = (-2 * (y(t) - 4);
> plot1 := DEplot(deq1, y(t),\
 t=-3..3, y=-3..3, arrows=LINE):
> plots[display]({plot1});

To draw the plot in Figure 2.10.4, the following commands were used:

> deq2 := D(y)(t) =\
 (y(t) - 1)*(y(t) - 2)*(y(t) - 3);
> plot2 := DEplot(deq2, y(t),\
 t=-2..2, y=0..4, arrows=LINE):
> plots[display]({plot2});

Frank Starmer 2004-05-19