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On the beach near Ghubbrah - sunrise and sunset

The sun says hello about 6:30 - and you can see

the first signs of hello in the hills behind the mosque - a quiet good morning

and the sun kisses a cloud over a distant tanker

Folks are walking

and fishing

and this lady was fishing with only a line - and was the only one to catch something - here a nice flounder

We visited a small shop and a turtle garden near another shop

and watched kids playing soccer on the beach

We visited Susan's beach

There were a few small waves - but the temp was perfect for a little swimming and snorkling

There were two large tankers anchored off shore - and it was interesting to test the possibility to photograph them in the late evening son

So it was time to watch the sun say it bye bye and catch the ship with its night lights

At Susans, we discovered evening bird tracks

and finally on the way home, we discovered an IT lab favorite - Starbucks is in Oman

so goodnight - all - stay tuned for a bit more. Tomorrow, fishing!

Take an evening walk down the beach

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