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New Year's Day - chasing the evening sun from Al Bustan to Qantab to Muscat

Looking for Al Bustan

Looking for Qantab

This lagoon compares well with Navarino Greece in simple raw beauty

Either guarding the sign or guarding the beach?

Our favorite dive center - the Oman Dive Center

On to Muscat

The last rays of sun over a mountain

Evening clouds as we drive toward Muscat

Looking toward the harbor through a small fountain

A small boat in the harbor

A mosque in the evening shadows

Looking toward the sea

Looking toward old Muscat

A moment of holiday science

There was a bloom of algae a few days ago. As I understand it, the color imparted to the water is due to the growth of dinoflagellates. Besides the water being quite green - its possible to see blue fluorescence (bioluminescence) associated with waves crashing. Here is a night image with the faint blue glow in the lower right. A 1 sec exposure with a Nikon 5700. If you are curious and wish to explore the how to of bioluminescense, visit the San Diego Natural History Museum for an overview and visit UC Santa Barbara and learn how to grow dinoflagellates at home.

Drive through the desert to Seifa

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