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A day in the life of an Omani Fisherman - This was New Year's Day, 2003

The boats put our in the early morning - with a guy standing on the front, looking for schools of fish. I was unable to get a photo of this - but maybe tomorrow. Anyway - later, I found the guys, extracting fish from their nets, repairing nets and rolling nets. Here is the story.

A quiet beach - wind is gone

Birds are simply relaxing on the water

Here is an old fishing boat - but newer ones, are fiberglass as seen in the background

The boats put out in the morning - with the guy in front looking for fish

When their nets are full - they pull them into the boat - making a huge mound in the middle (if there are many fish). Then they head for home

Walking up the beach, I found a group of guys,

extracting fish from the net

there was a fishing lady, and an active discussion

Others were checking nets

and repairing nets

and rolling a net, getting ready for tomorrow

Thats all for now

Chase the evening sun to Muscat

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C. Frank Starmer