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A Symphony of Motion: a fully vertically integrated manufacturing process

Today offered a surprise. While walking to my usual internet cafe, I happened across a wonderful example of a fully vertically integrated process - that of preparing, mixing, transporting and pouring cement in order to build a new home. Shown here are two perspectives: - that of the process from the street -

and a sleeping auto driver

First - the assembly and cutting team:

and the stone team and security guard:

Next - the process of preparing the ingredients: sand, stone, cement and water

Shoveling, moving and dumping stone into the cement mixer's big big mouth

Now look carefully, with very curious eyes. How many parallel processes can you identify? There is adding water, mixing, extracting, passing cement on a platter to the team at the top, placing the platter on the head of a woman transporter, and sliding the empty platter down a track formed by two small poles (seen best in the first photo of this essay).

Take a morning stroll to the internet cafe

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C. Frank Starmer