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Its Christmas in Oman - and here is the proof

But the hard part is yet to happen - preparing dinner. Without Rach and Josh - its impossible to do ribs and debone the turkey . (Also the turkey was too big.) But with Glen, maybe its possible to just do a stuffed bird a la GLEN. And without Mike, what about pies? We tried apple and pumpkin (Mike's recipe arrived by morning email just in time to make sure we did not mess up the spices). Doing the turkey with Glen substituting for Jack - then maybe - just maybe. So here is the story

Ellen was a bit freaked - wearing her nice dress while preparing the messiest part of the dinner, the pie crust

But sanity reigned - she changed clothes, baked the pies and was pleased.

This freed the oven of clutter and made way for the turkey. Debra did the dishes

Here is the stuffing - and Glen doing the final push

and Glen and Ellen doing the final push

Ellen and the bird

Glen carving the bird

Our Team - with Lina

A walk along the Ghubbrah beach

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