All About Turkeys and T-bones: A HOWTO Photoessay
Our Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2001 - Allentown Pa.

Fulbright Professor C. Frank Starmer (FBPF), Ph.D and Special Agent Bean, Master of Disguises, grabbed grandpop Charles and set off for Allentown Pennsylvania. Josh was soon to join after leaving his class at NC State. And, Alida would appear as if by magic on Turkey Day. With digital camera in hand, FBPF captured the essence of Thanksgiving - using only simple tools, will power and brute force, to debone a turkey, then fry a bird and consume all the results of Rachel's experiments.

Rachel's and Trevor's home where the soon-to-be-annual-cookoff happened ...And...Muhlenberg College - where Trevor teaches

Trevor and Rachel in the Laboratory and........ a still life in the laboratory

  • Chapter 1: Preparing the Turkeys and Deboning one
  • Chapter 2: Preparing with Cajun Injection and frying
  • Chapter 3: Launch and cooking of the birds
  • Chapter 4 Without Words

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