Frank Starmer's Recent Underwater Photos

Underwater Photos from various waters off the Greek Coast

My Underwater Collection

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Casper, a friendly octopus Casper
A "Single-Cell" Medusa Another Medusa
Fish and Medusa B and bc with medusa
Fish-Medusa Dance A "flying saucer" medusa
A pretty fish
2 Fish 2 different fish
A collection of yellow medusi seen near Agios Vasilios

Odds and Ends
A Sea Urchin: "Don't tread on me" A Pretty Flower

If any one knows what these "things" are - please send me e-mail: - Thanx

A "Thing" Swimming "thing"

The "thing" update

Thing, thing, what is that thing
Thing, sing, that thing can sing
Long song, a long long song
Goodbye thing, you sing too long

From Hop on Pop (I think), Dr. Seuss

Early photos of "things" - when the camera and I were not fully adapted

A sleeping "thing" A waking "thing"

A swimming "thing"

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