Shashlik + Friends: ITEB and Pushchino, Dec. 2000

Work with my colleagues in Pushchino, Russia continues and Andrey has some very nice data derived from our studies of reentrant arrhythmias, spiral core stability and use-dependent drugs. I left Charleston for an 11:15 am flight on Friday, Nov 25. Surprise (travel to Russia is always filled with surprises) - the flight did not exist - so Delta arranged for me to fly to Laguardia Airport in New York and then a taxi to JFK. The pleasant part of the surprise was that I arrived at JFK 2 hours before I would have arrived by the usual schedule.

How I moved between Moscow and Home

The flight (DL 30) took a southern route, with fantastic tail winds. I used my GPS to track the route and tail winds exceeded 100 mph! Here are the tracks between JFK and Sheremet'evo (SVO). The northern track is the return flight (DL 31) while the lower track is the path of DL 30.

We drove around the Moscow Ring Road to highway M2, and then directly south to Pushchino, located on the banks of the river, Oka

Shown here are my tracks from the boundary of Pushchino, ITEB, the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, my flat (Ab-1) and the flats of my friends.

Our Picnic in -25 C with snow

When I arrived - a picnic was planned for the next day (Sunday) - and as you can see - it was cold and snowy (about -25 C)

Preparing Shashlik requires precision in piercing the meat - then the science of really preparing shashlik - by fire is initiated and a great seminar with Robert starts, and goes on and on and ...

Then, its necessary to wait a little bit - where smoke follows beauty

Shashlik, when properly prepared, must be taken with some additional liquid

Then finally, everyone can enjoy everything

Life at the Institute

First, the most important part of the laboratory equipment is a super-fast samavar for preparing tea

Then there is Alexy, Sasha, Irena

Venya and Andrey

Life with Friends in Pushchino

This was Dima's birthday party

And a happy time with my swimming student, Sasha, his mom and babushka (known as Momin'ka). Sasha has followed his father (RX3DMF) and is now a radio operator (RX3DZP). And, of course, I (KB4GZ/RA3) had fun operating from their kitchen radio

Valera's New Flat in Moscow

Valera's work is now in Moscow, so he has a moscow flat - and here is how we drove to it. GPS is wonderful - even with towering buildings on all sides.

From the window, is a typical winter scene: snow, construction and more flat buildings, family in the kitchen and another radio.

On Sunday morning, Dec 10, we drove from Valera's flat to Sheremet'evo and said our last goodbye - do sledushchii raz

So here is our group - and, nu konechno - click for Shashlik/Picnic 2002

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