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September 19, 2016: Pholcid, Telamonia dimidiata, Miagrammopes and Scorpions

Larry and I (with Paul Lim) returned to Lower Pierce Reservoir Nature Trail - and had quite good luck with spider hunting after a long dry (literally) spell

Long Legged Pholcid

sep 19 2657 long legged pholcid spider

Another view of the Pholcid

sep 19 2660 long legged pholcid spider

Scorpion with flash illumination

sep 19 2665 flash scorpion

Overlay of flash and UV illumination (365 nm)

sep 19 2669 overlay scorpion

Scorpion with 365 UV illumination (1/20 sec, ISO 800, f/8)

sep 19 2669 UV scorpion

Scorpion with 365 UV illumination (1/20 sec, ISO 800, f/8)

sep 19 2674 UV scorpion

This is quite unusual for me - A bifurcating strand managed by Miagrammopes Typically they manage a single strand but this time - a single strand to the right and bifurcating strands to the left

sep 19 2680 bifurcating strands

4th legs managing catch-fiber tension (my speculation)

sep 19 2682 4th legs

Eyes of Miagrammopes

sep 19 2682 eyes palps

Miagrammopes controlling tension

sep 19 2682 miagrammopes tensioning

Miagrammopes legs

sep 19 2683 miagrammopes legs

Three strands of a bifurcating fiber

sep 19 2687 miagrammopes 3 strands

Female Miagrammopes and her triangle capture fibers

sep 19 2688 miagrammopes triangle

Miagrammopes sp. and active legs

sep 19 2695 miagrammopes legs

Miagrammopes sp.

sep 19 2696 miagrammopes single

Telamonia dimidiata

sep 19 2709  Telamonia dimidiatea at home  - her eyes

Telamonia dimidiata in under her silk roof

sep 19 2713 epeus in home

Ventral view of Telamonia dimidiata

sep 19 2717 ventral epeus

Dorsal view of Telamonia dimidiata

sep 19 2725 epeus cephalothorax

Face of Telamonia dimidiata

sep 19 2728 epeus face

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