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September 15, 2016: Kayak on Walden Lake

Frizzy hair do for this heron

sep 15 0242 little blue heron frizzy

Little blue heron

sep 15 0297 little blue heron unbalance

Morning mist

sep 15 0375 morning mist

Funnel web spider - hiding from me

sep 15 0384 funnel web spider

Funnel web spider

sep 15 0385 funnel web spider

Spiderling nest

sep 15 0421 spiderling nest

Spiderlings - maybe Neoscona

sep 15 0395 spiderlings

Male Tetragnatha elongata

sep 15 0405 male tetragnatha elongata

Male Tetragnatha elongata

sep 15 0411 male tetragnatha elongata

Dragonfly with breakfast

sep 15 0420 dragonfly prey

A gathering of Tetragnatha elongata male and female

sep 15 0423 tetragnatha cluster

Male Tetragnatha elongata

sep 15 0437 male tetragnatha

Long jaws of male Tetragnatha elongata

sep 15 0447 male tetragnatha long jaws legs

Female Tetragnatha elongata fangs

sep 15 0449 female tetragnatha fangs

Primrose willow blossom (Gallinules like this)

sep 15 0457 primrose willow blossom

Little blue heron

sep 16 0219 little blue heron

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