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October 18, 2016: Wolf Spider fluorescence

This evening - a Cyclosa has taken up residence over our picnic table

oct 18 3392 cyclose intoxicated web

A second Cyclosa

oct 18 3395 cyclose intoxicated web

oct 18 3442 cyclosa web

and a third Cyclosa web

oct 18 3430 lycosidae face flash

Here is our little wolf spider, Lycossidae

oct 18 3467 wolf flash silk

With 365 nm UV illumination - Eyes as well as silk strands fluoresce

oct 18 3481 wolf uv silk

Another view of eyes and silk fluorescence

oct 18 3496 wolf uv silk

A closer view of eyes, and silk

oct 18 3507 wolf uv silk

Flash illumination

oct 18 3511 wolf cree face

UV illumination - in addition to the blue silk fluorescence and greenish eye fluorescence, there is a red fluorescence of some silk

oct 18 3528 wolf UV face

Cree 365 nm illumination of the wolf spider Lycosidae

oct 18 3529 wolf UV face

Flash illumination of the wolf spider Lycosidae

oct 18 3532 wolf cree face

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