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November 21, 2006: Teaching English with George

Here is George's 8am class. Our 2 hours were divided into two 1 hour sessions. For the first hour, Ellen and I shared our story. For the 2nd hour, we broke into 4 groups of about 9 students each and each student was required to ask a question - related to something we talked about or related to the small group discussion. This was small group learning at its best

nov 21 0296 class

Here is the back of George's head as he explains "You must listen for context, not words - and you must develop a question">

nov 21 0297 class

Then at 10am, we started the next class

nov 21 0309 class

Ellen is presenting and on the blackboard is my recipe for solving a problem. To the right are George's instructions

nov 21 0311 ellen class

Then the 2pm class.

nov 21 0314 class

and their smiles

nov 21 0317 class

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