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Nov 20, 2006: Dining at the Westgate Cafe(s)

The is street food everywhere - and it beats the Singapore food courts. This eveing, George, Patty, Ellen and I went exploring to look at the tasty treats and maybe test a few

nov 20 0279 night food

The cook

nov 20 0281 cook

More night food

nov 20 0283 night food

Something tasty from bread - a biiiiiing

nov 20 0286 bread

Cutting the bread

nov 20 0287 cutting bread

George negotiating in his best dialect

nov 20 0288 george bread

Watch these guys prepare food

nov 20 0290 night cooking

and with a smile

nov 20 0292 cooking

then back to the hotel

nov 20 0295 hotel

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