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November 13, 2015: Anhinga, Raccoon and Blue Heron

Last night, I left some food and water. This morning it was all gone. So I refilled the food and water dishes and waiting. She soon poked her head out of her tree home and after some time - left home for the food. Here is the photo story

Yesterday, An Anhinga - a swimming bird that looks like a snake when in the water

nov 12 9070 Anhinga

Blue heron waking up

nov 13 9083 blue heron

Raccoon in her tree home

nov 13 9090 raccoon in her home

Purina Dog Chow and water

nov 13 9092 food water

Raccoon inspecting outside her tree home

nov 13 9107 raccoon looking

Raccoon emerging from her tree home

nov 13 9116 raccoon emerging

Slowly emerging

nov 13 9128 raccoon emerging

Checking me out

nov 13 9130 raccoon emerging

Raccoon climbing out

nov 13 9132 raccoon climbinb

One last look to check on her kids

nov 13 9136 checking on kids

Looking at me

nov 13 9141 looking at me

Climbing an adjacent tree - she goes up, over to another tree and down to the ground. I guess she cannot climb down a vertical tree

nov 13 9144 climbinb

Video of eating etc

Drinking water

nov 13 9151 raccoon drinking

Inspecting the Purina Dog Chow

nov 13 9159 raccoon inspecting


nov 13 9170 raccoon eating

Holding food

nov 13 9177 raccoon holding food

Washing food

nov 13 9179 raccoon washing dinner

Drinking again

nov 13 9188 raccoon drinking

Finish eating

nov 13 9199 finish eating

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