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November 02, 2016: International Space Station

A friend suggested I look for ISS passes. I got an ISS transit forcast for my region, GoISSWatch - and this morning was a pass near 90 degrees (straight up). I set my camera to take sequential 15 sec exposure and started the sequence at 06:14 - just before the predicted pass. I did not see the pass, but my camera caught it - as shown below

I first tested my exposure with bright constellations - here is Orion in the western sky

nov 02 3081 orion

and the Big dipper in the Northeast sky

nov 02 3082 big dipper

Here is a composite of the four 15 sec exposures that captured the transit

nov 02 3089 3092 ISS track gimp

Initial capture: 06:15:52

nov 02 3089 ISS 0

Second exposure: 6:16:09.05

nov 02 3090 ISS 1

Third exposure: 6:16:26.05

nov 02 3091 SS 2

Fourth exposure: 6:16:43.04

nov 02 3092 ISS 3


nov 02 3727 orion

Big Dipper

nov 02 3735 big dipper

After the ISS pass - I explored the region with my UV flashlight. Here I found tree frogs eyes fluoresce

nov 02 3757 frog fluorescing eyes

Fluorescing eyes

nov 02 3763 frog fluorescing eyes

Fluorescing eyes

nov 02 3771 frog fluorescing eyes

Fluorescing eyes

nov 02 3778 frog fluorescing eyes

Here, the iris was not totally open - and it appears that something inside the eye - perhaps the retina

nov 02 3789 frog fluorescing retina

Non fluorescence of frog iris - but fluorescence of the frog lens or retina

nov 02 3797 frog fluorescing retina

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