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May 16, 2015: Araneus mitificus, Thomisus guangxicus and Oxyopes and lots of dew at QSS

Saw this on the top of a fern. Thought it was a male - but not sure. Joseph identified it as possibly Araneus mitificus

may 16 2475 araneus mitificicus

Looking at his face - not the balloon palps of a male - and a bit hairy

may 16 2484 araneus mitificus face

The eye configuration is a puzzle - seems a cluster of 4 eyes on a nodule - first time I've seen this

may 16 2493 araneus mitificus eyes

Oxyopes waiting for breakfast

may 16 2495 oxyopes


may 16 2499 oxyopes

Liprocea fusiformis

may 16 2501 liprocea fusiformis

Oxyopes and a large dew drop on her leg

may 16 2506 oxyopes dew drop leg

Thomisus guangxicus hiding in a fern

may 16 2509 thomisus guangxicus

Fluorescing legs of Thomisus guangxicus under UV light

may 16 2515 thomisus guangxicus UV legs

Juvenile Oxyopes

may 16 2528 wet juvenile oxyopes

Dew laden butterfly

may 16 2534 butterfly

Oxyopes and a moth breakfast

may 16 2536 oxyopes moth breakfast

Oxyopes and breakfast - she was startled by me and moved - but did not drop her prey

may 16 2539 oxyopes moth

Parawixia and a dew laden web

may 16 2554 parawixia dew web

Wet ant - I'm trying to learn how to photograph black on black - to bring out features - like the eyes

may 16 2561 ant wet fern

Face of an ant

may 16 2566 ant face

More black on black images

may 16 2568 ant face antennae

Butterfly or moth? I think Butterfly because the antennae are not feathered

may 16 2577 butterfly


may 16 2589 moth dew

A small flying insect

may 16 2596 flying insect

Thomisus guangxius hiding in her usual yellow flower

may 16 2618 thomisus guangxicus

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