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May 09, 2015: Thomisus guangxicus and Oxyopes at QSS

Off to Queensway Secondary School at 5am - and what a surprise. I was photographing my favorite flower, Asystasia gangetica and when I got home - found that Thomisus guangxicus was hiding inside the blossom and somehow was in focus. - Luck

Here is Thomisus guangxicus hiding in a yellow daisy

may 09 2317 thomisus guangxicus


may 09 2328 liprocea


may 09 2332 dragonfly

Dragonfly eyes

may 09 2335 dragonfly eyes


may 09 2337 caterpillar


may 09 2348 oxyopes


may 09 2349 oxyopes

Green eye skipper. Nice compound eye

may 09 2359 green eye skipper

Green eye skipper. Nice compound eye

may 09 2361 green eye skipper


may 09 2398 lizard

Dew drop making a lens

may 09 2412 dew lens

Assassin bug

may 09 2435 assassin bug

Thought this was a male - but now I think its an immature female Argiope

may 09 2445 male argiope


may 09 2448 argiope

Fun - Shadow of Argiope

may 09 2454 argiope shadow

Thomisus guangxicus hiding in Asystasia gangetica

may 09 2456 asystasia thomisus guangxicus

She moved inside Asystasia gangetica

may 09 2458 thomisus guangxicus asystasia

Thomisus hiding in a yellow flower

may 09 2467 thomisus guangxicus

Thomisus hiding in a yellow flower

may 09 2469 thomisus guangxicus

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