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May 03, 2016: All 4 kids came for Donut Holes

I arrived at 5:30 am. Susan was walking on the felled tree at 5:31am - how does she know I'm coming?

may 03 1505 arrival 5 30

Here she is walking along the tree - 5:31am

may 03 1513 arrival 5 31

Almost next to me - 5:31am

may 03 1515 arrival 5 31

The arrival of her brothers

Susan and grumpy brothers love donut holes

From time to time I bring donut holes for the raccoon family. Every time, they do not appear and sometimes its 2 - 3 days before they show up. So they always eat old donut holes. Since the entire family showed up yesterday, I thought I'd try again. I went to Hole In One Donuts and saw Annie and Thann Sambath and bought a dozen donut holes. It was a hit with the kids - they would grab a donut hole and retreat back into the forest in order to protect their prize yummy

Posted by Frank Starmer on Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Four happy raccoons

may 03 1524 4 raccoons 5 33

First some donut holes from Sam's Hole-in-One Donuts

may 03 9060 grabbing donut hole

Lookng for a donut hole

may 03 9060 looking for hole

Eating a donut hole

may 03 9065 eating donut hole

Grabbing a donut hole

may 03 9082 grabbing donut hole

Biting a donut hole

may 03 9091 biting donut hole

Susan looking

may 03 9056 susan looking

Live action with the donut holes

Susan eating a donut hole

Thann Sambath's Hole In One Donuts provides the best donuts ever. They are so yummy that I am forced to share with my raccoon family.

Posted by Frank Starmer on Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Reaching for breakfast

may 03 1536 reaching for breakfast

3 happy guys and a happy guy

may 03 1554 4 hungry raccoons

Susan drinking (she likes Bailey's)

may 03 1572 susan drinking

Susan and her brothers

may 03 1581 4 raccoons

Susan washing her hands

may 03 1582 susan washing

Susan drinking

may 03 1584 susan drinking

Susan drinking

may 03 1587 susan drinking

Susan holding her hands for morning prayers

may 03 1587 susan holding hands

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