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May 02, 2015: Myrmarachne at Queensway Sec School

The day started with heavy rain so Joseph cancelled this morning's spider hunt at Bukit Brown - but I was on my way to his home on the bus so what to do? We had a nice talk - and when the rain stopped, I left for the bus. Got off at Queensway Sec School - and wow - what a morning - two jumpers.

A new jumper for me - in a tree

may 02 2233 tree jumper

Another view

may 02 2235 tree jumper

Now the surprise - a male Myrmarachne maxillosa - just sort of sunning

may 02 2240 myrmarachne maxillosa dorsal

Another view

may 02 2248 male myrmarachne

Lateral view of the ant mimic spider: Myrmarachne maxillosa

may 02 2255 lateral myrmarachne

Hatchlings - some sort of caterpillar?

may 02 2272 hatchlings

Assassin bug

may 02 2279 assassin bug

Oxyopes guarding her eggs

may 02 2288 oxyopes guarding

Oxyopes guarding and looking at me

may 02 2293 oxyopes guarding

Cyrtophora and her mesh gaussian web

may 02 2299 cyrtophora


may 02 2301 kadydid

Thomisus guangxicus a small crab spider hiding in a yellow flower

may 02 2308 thomisus guangxicus

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