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March 26, 2016: Bebe and kids no show - and their home tree was blown down

Raccoon cafe yesterday (Friday)

mar 26 8619 yesterday cafe

Raccoon cafe today (Saturday) - after wind damage to the home tree

mar 26 8631 today cafe down tree

Broken cafe

mar 26 8635 broken cafe

Owl / Raccoon birthing home

mar 26 8639 owl raccoon home

I walked back and saw several interesting spiders - Araneus and male Tetragnatha

Garden spider and breakfast (Araneus sp.?)

mar 26 2918 araneus breakfast

Male Tetragnatha viridis on his high wire

mar 26 2929 male tetragnatha web

Male Tetragnatha viridis in his hiding place

mar 26 2951 male tetragnatha viridis

Male Tetragnatha viridis eyes and palps

mar 26 2953 male tetragnatha viridis eyes

Duck family

mar 26 2967 duck family


mar 26 2969 midge

Snowy egret fishing

mar 26 2977 snowy egret fishing

Snowy egret flying (I spooked her)

mar 26 2980 snowy egret flying

Tricolor heron fishing

mar 26 3011 tricolor heron fishing

Tricolor heron

mar 26 3048 tricolor heron

Tricolor heron fishing

mar 26 3050 little blue heron fishing

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