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March 22, 2016: Crystal Springs Nature Preserve

The wonderful folks at Crystal Springs Nature Preserve provided a fascinating morning for spider hunting

Mist of Crystal Springs

mar 22 7892 crystal springs mist

Morning halo

mar 22 7897 crystal halo

Morning halo around me

mar 22 7898 spring halo

Boiling Sand - as water percolates up from the aquifer - watch the upper right region - good detail for the turnover of sand and silt

An iris

mar 22 2746 iris

Little Blue Heron standing in the spring water

mar 22 2753 little blue heron

Leucauge venusta

mar 22 2762 leucauge venusta

Leucauge venusta

mar 22 2766 leucauge venusta

Tetragnatha viridis

mar 22 2767 tetragnatha viridis

Tetragnatha viridis

mar 22 2768 tetragnatha viridis

Eyes of Tetragnatha viridis

mar 22 2771 tetragnatha viridis eyes

Eyes of Tetragnatha viridis

mar 22 2772 tetragnatha viridis eyes

Very long first legs

mar 22 2773 tetragnatha viridis long legs

Eyes of Tetragnatha viridis

mar 22 2778 tetragnatha viridis eyes

Crab spider: Mecaphesa celer

mar 22 2793 misumenops celer

Crab spider: Mecaphesa celer

mar 22 2814 misumenops celer

Orientation of a Crab spider: Mecaphesa celer

mar 22 2821 misumenops celer orientation

Leucauge venusta

mar 22 2835 leucauge venusta

Mecaphesa celer eyes and the flower home

mar 22 2843 misumenops celer eyes flower

Blackberry blossom

mar 22 2861 blackberry blossom

Wild Iris

mar 22 2863 wild iris

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