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March 19, 2016: Bebe and kis return for breakfast - but are afraid of something

No show yesterday (18 March)

mar 18 8367 no show

They were waiting at the edge of the forest and approach me as I was setting up my camera

mar 19 8375 approaching me

They are a bit skittish this morning - something has apparently spooked them

After 3 days absence, Bebe and kids showed up for breakfast. They were waiting for me at the edge of the forest. As I...

Posted by Frank Starmer on Saturday, March 19, 2016

The family

mar 19 8379 family sharing

Always alert to something unexpected

mar 19 8400 alert


mar 19 8445 drinking


mar 19 8456 bebe drinking

Family lineup

mar 19 8468


mar 19 8472 drinking

Their behavior today - At about 30 sec, a dog (far away) starts barking - and immediately the family retreats and did not return (I waited another 15 min)

Here the kids (minus 1) and mom are finishing breakfast. A dog starts barking at about 30 seconds. Though not close to...

Posted by Frank Starmer on Saturday, March 19, 2016

Our favorite dawn Great Blue Heron

mar 19 8505 favorite great blue heron

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