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March 17, 2016: Raccoons, Herons and Squirrels


mar 12 6982 Anhinga

Anhinga at sunrise

mar 12 6993 Anhinga


mar 12 6999 squirrel

Bebe and kids approaching me

mar 15 7022 raccoon approaching

Arrival and eating donut holes. Note that their grab and retreat behavior is alive and well for donut holes - but for regular breakfast, they seem to know how to share and behave

This morning there was a small owl perched on a nearby tree. Could not get a photo - but maybe I'll see it again. Bebe...

Posted by Frank Starmer on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy family

mar 15 7029 happy family

Mom and kids

mar 15 7041 mom kids

Hungry family

mar 15 7047 hungry family


mar 15 7050 sharing


mar 15 7051 drinking

Attention - be alert

mar 15 7067 alert

After breakfast - departing for the forest

mar 15 7088 departing

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