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March 5, 2011:A day for Karen and David:

We have been friends with the Abrahamsons for perhaps 40 years. No possibility of missing David's wedding in Guangzhou, China. So off to Guangzhou we went. What an amazing time David and Karen made for us. Here is their day

mar 05 9006 shamian chapel

Shamian Chapel

mar 05 9002 church

Jim and Ceecy

mar 05 9007 jim ceecy ellen

Ellen and myslef

mar 05 9010 us

Here comes the bride's maid


Bride's maid of honor


Here comes Sasha

sasha flowers

And David is waiting

David waiting

Start of the ceremony

mar 05 9059 start of ceremony

Karen speaking

mar 05 ceremony

Karen's mom(foreground) and the Maid of Honor (background)

mar 05 9061 maid mom

More ceremony

mar 05 9062 ceremony

David's turn to speak

mar 05 9065 ceremony


mar 05 9066 vows


mar 05 9071 vows

After vows

mar 05 9074 after vows

David slipping Karen's ring onto her finger

mar 05 9077 her ring

More of the "her ring" exercise

mar 05 9080 her ring

Now the "his ring" exercise

mar 05 9083 his ring

In Mandrin: man man (slowly slowly) Karen slips his ring on

mar 05 9084 his ring

End of ring exchange

mar 05 9085 rings exchanged


mar 05 9086 prayer

Unveiling the bride

mar 05 9089 unveiling

The kiss: Before

mar 05 9090 kiss before

The kiss: During

mar 05 9091 kiss during

The kiss: After

mar 05 9092 kiss after

Lighting the candle as two individuals

mar 05 9094 light candle

Two become one

lighting candles

Transiently there are three

mar 05 9098 3 flames

The three

mar 05 9099 flames end

Gently blowing to extinguish two that became one

mar 05 9100 candles out

Husband and wife

mar 05 9102 man and wife

A few words - well actually more than a few words, but nice (hao hua)

mar 05 9104 words

A few more words

mar 05 9105 man wife

Final prayer

mar 05 9120 final prayer

Husband and wife

mar 05 9121 husband wife


mar 05 9123 leaving


mar 05 9124 smiles

Karen's parents (her dad is a really really neat guy)

mar 05 9126 karens parents

Walking out

mar 05 9127 the end

Its over

mar 05 9132 its over

Sasha and Karen

mar 05 9148 sasha karen

Alex, Sasha and Karen

mar 05 9153 alex sasha karen

David, Karen, Alex and Sasha

mar 05 9155 david karen kids

A kiss from Sasha

mar 05 9159 sasha kiss

Ceecy and Jim

mar 05 9167 ceecy jim


mar 05 9298 karen


mar 05 9338 karen

Ceecy and Ellen

mar 05 9347 ceecy ellen


mar 05 9350 karen

Ellen in her super outfit

mar 05 8999 ellen

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