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March 03, 2016: After 7 days absence, Mom (Bebe) and the kids were waiting for me

Photo Setup

mar 03 7586 setup

The family was waiting for me as I arrived. Surprise after 7 days of absence. How do they know I'm coming? Smell, Sound - They always retreat into the forest - and I can't imagine them approaching me in less than a minute. I wait an hour for them - so do you think they have been waiting for me - knowing I always appear just before sunrise?

Enjoying Breakfast

mar 03 6225 enjoying breakfast

They grab a handful of food and retreat to eat - seems to be not interested in sharing

mar 03 6229 retreating family to eat

Mom snatching some food

mar 03 6230 mom snatching some food

Retreating to eat in peace

mar 03 6231 retreat eat in peace

Crouching Raccoon

mar 03 6243 crouching raccoon

Grabbing Breakfast

mar 03 6244 grabbing breakfast

Initially, Bebe ate slowly - hovering over the bowl of food - but with the kids her behavior changed - she reached for food, then retreated and quietly ate. The kids, however, don't know how to share and grab some food and retreat to avoid the other kids. However Susan, the little girl, changed her behavior. Initially quite she, she would climb an adjacent tree and watch her brothers eat. When they finished, she would descend and eat the leftovers. Today though, she is not going to be satisfied with leftovers. Here (at 19 sec) she gently nudges the brother on the left to get out of her way. He does not get the message and at 25 seconds she steps up the temperature of her discontent with this pushing behaviour - and then dished out the same aggressive nip to the brother on her right. A fun video to watch

Even raccoon kids can be feisty. Their eating algorithm is grab and retreat - to avoid a sibling stealing their dropped...

Posted by Frank Starmer on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Only leftovers

mar 03 6251 only leftovers

Mom and one of the kids finishing

mar 03 6258 mom kid finishing

Mom finishing while one of the kids watched

mar 03 6262 mom finishing kid watching

Sunrise after cleanup

mar 03 6265 sunrise

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