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June 19, 2015: From Chennai to Valathi - Rice planting

Flight from Singapore to Chennai and driving to Valathi

Driving from Chennai to Valathi

Along the way - one of my favorite sites in India - Ladies planting rice seedlings. Not just ladies, though, but colorful ladies - Here new rice fields

jun 19 3735 new rice fields

Colorful reflections

jun 19 3738 colorful reflections

Thatched huts, freshly planted area and to-be-planted area (with clumps of rice seedlings strategically placed)

jun 19 3744 planting rice

Colorful planting

jun 19 3748 planting rice

Wow - the shades of green in this image - from seedlings to mature field to palm trees

jun 19 3752 planting rice

Colors everywhere

jun 19 3752 rice planting

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