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June 06, 2015: Male Oxyopes lineatipes at Queensway Sec School

I see Oxyopes frequently during my night walks around the forest near Queensway Secondary School. I see what are different variations of the same spider - so I asked Joseph Koh - what is the difference between, for example, Oxyopes birmanicus and Oxyopes lineatipes. O. birmanicus is listed for Myanmar and O. lineatipes and Joseph states that the superficial differences are minimal if at all. Even the differences in genitalia are quite subtle. Because most of my Oxyopes are from Singapore, I'm labeling them O. lineatipes
Early morning at Queensway secondary School - A tiger moth

jun 06 3678 tiger moth

Female Oxyopes lineatipes - hunting

jun 06 3681 female oxyopes lineatipes

Female Oxyopes lineatipes

jun 06 3682 female oxyopes lineatipes

Female Oxyopes lineatipes

jun 06 3685 female oxyopes

This female Oxyopes lineatipes caught a small moth for breakfast

jun 06 3688 oxyopes lineatipes moth breakfast

Butterfly sleeping

jun 06 3694 butterfly

Buterfly sleeping

jun 06 3695 butterfly

Male Oxyopes lineatipes Note the black spheres at the tip of his palps

jun 06 3702 male oxyopes lineatipes

Male Oxyopes lineatipes - note bulbus black palps

jun 06 3710 male oxyopes lineatipes

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