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June 02, 2016: Raccoon, Heron and Spoonbill

Had some heavy rain last night and Susan showed up a bit wet - here she is approaching a bowl of yummies

jun 02 1491 wet susan approaches


jun 02 1501 wet susan reaching

Approaching me and looking at me

jun 02 1517 wet susan looking at me

She finished about sunrise - so walking back I saw a great blue heron

jun 02 1525 great blue heron

A closer look

jun 02 1528 great blue heron

She is fishing - nice ripples in the water

jun 02 1529 great blue heron watching


jun 02 1532 great blue heron fishing

A roseate spoonbill - with color coordinated pink cloud reflections (about 10 min before sunrise

jun 02 1536 great blue heron looking

Interesting flash reflections on her pink wings (appear as white lines)

jun 02 1540 roseate spoonbill

jun 02 1541 roseate spoonbill

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