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June 01, 2016: Early morning at Queensway Sec School

I've been adjusting my flash arrangement - which has been quite harsh in the past. I've followed Nicky Bay's example of a flexible dual arm arrangement. I'm using Meike 320 flash - which can be remotely triggered (S1 mode) by another flash. I use flash on the camera that is pointed up to provide the trigger flash - and this avoids reflected flash back into the camera lens. Today the results are pretty good (except I forgot to use fresh batteries). This flash also has a built in focus light.

A praying mantis

jun 01 3586 praying mantis

Different position

jun 01 3592 praying mantis

Lucky - a male Oxyopes lineatipes that remained stationary

jun 01 3599 male oxyopes lineatipes

Female Oxyopes lineatipes

jun 01 3604 female oxyopes lineatipes

A fun beetle

jun 01 3608 beetle

Standing on his/her rear legs

jun 01 3610 beetle eye

Some sort of white insect

jun 01 3624 moth like insect

A sleeping wasp

jun 01 3630 sleeping wasp

Mating yellow somethings

jun 01 3641 mating moths

A single something

jun 01 3646 unmated moth

Parawixia with a small beetle

jun 01 3649 parawixia beetle

Parawixia wrapping the beetle

jun 01 3658 parawixia wrapping

Forgot the name of this - a side view

jun 01 3666 yellow insect

Face of the yellow insect

jun 01 3672 face yellow insect

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