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July 24, 2016: Upper Hillsborough Tract Nature Preserve

A Sunday morning at the Upper Hillsborouth Tract. Each Sunday morning, Dee (my sister-in-law) visit a different nature preserve in Hillsborough and Polk County. There are more than we can count and for the past several weeks we have visited the different entrances to the Upper Hillsborough Tract. Here is the map.

jul 24 7216 upper hillsborough tract

Maybe male Oxyopes

jul 24 6990 male oxyopes

Female Lyssomanes viridins with interestying black splotches on her celphaothorax

jul 24 7008 female lyssomanes maybe

Ventral view of Microthena sagittata connected to her web

jul 24 7013 microthena

Lateral view of Micrathena sagittata

jul 24 7028 micrathena

Focus stack experiment with Micrathena sagittata

jul 24 7065 7069 micrathena stack

Focus stack of MIcrathena sagittata

jul 25 4518 micrathena

Eyes of Micrathene sagittata

jul 25 4529 micrathena eyes

An image of Micrathena sagittata under a celestron microscope (gift from Joseph)

jul 24 0066 micrathena microscope

Stabilimenta of Micrathena sagittata

jul 24 7077 micrathena stabilimenta

Stabilimenta and dorsal view of Micrathena sagittata

jul 24 7096 micrathena

Face of a dragonfly

jul 24 7086 dragonfly

Nephila clavipes and a fly

jul 24 7114 nephila fly

Argiope aurantia and stabilimenta

jul 24 7126 argiope stabilimenta

Eyes of Argiope aurantia

jul 24 7128 argiope aurantia eyes

Lateral view of Argiope aurantia

jul 24 7142 argiope aurantia

Face of a kadydid

jul 24 7146 grasshopper

Leucauge venusta

jul 24 7150 leucauge venusta

Colorfuly kadydid

jul 24 7162 kadydid

Roseate Spoonbill and an Ibis

jul 24 7218 ibis roseate spoonbill

Roseate Spoonbill and an Ibis

jul 24 7219 ibis roseate spoonbill

Roseate spoonbill fishing

jul 24 7240 roseate spoonbill

Roseate Spoonbill and an Ibis

jul 24 7275 roseate spoonbill ibis

July 25, 2016: Raccoons and Upper Hillsborough Tract

My waiting place

jul 25 4455 location

After a few minutes - two arrived - here, he is eating something

jul 25 4463 eating

Eating leaves

jul 25 4470 eating leaves

Two raccoons

jul 25 4476 two raccoons

Second raccoon

jul 25 4480 2nd raccoon


jul 25 4490 sniffing

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