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July 18, 2015: Upper Selatar with Joseph, Chrisie and Caleb

Actually we were on the Mandai Road Track 7, Upper Selatar Reservoir

An emerging caterpillar

jul 18 0159 caterpillar

Ant mimic spider

jul 18 0164 ant mimic

jul 18 0167 unknown

jul 18 0168 unknown fly

Sac spider in her home

jul 18 0173 sac spider at home

Sac spider in her home

jul 18 0175 female sac spider

jul 18 0186 female sac spider

What I call a beanhead caterpillar - Found the bean leafroller (Urbanus proteus - but I don't think this is even close

jul 18 0191 beanhead caterpillar

Another view of a beanhead caterpillar

jul 18 0197 beanhead caterpillar

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