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July 12, 2016: Susan, Egret and Heron

Joanne asked me this morning the difference between a juvenile great blue heron and a white egret. I was not sure, as a juvenile great blue heron can apparently also be white (though I've not seen one). The egret has black legs and the heron has yellow legs from below.

Susan arrived about 30 min after I arrived.


jul 11 3920 susan arrives

Enjoying herself

jul 11 3923 susan eating

Alert (a passing dog)

jul 11 3932 susan alert

White egret - note the black legs

jul 11 3944 white egret

White egret taking off

jul 11 3945 white egret takeoff

A great blue heron - fishing for breakfast

jul 11 3953 great blue heron

Great Blue Heron

jul 11 3955 great blue heron

Great blue heron taking off

jul 11 3956 great blue heron takeoff

Continued takeoff

jul 11 3957 great blue heron takeoff

Great Blue heron in flight - and nice reflection

jul 11 3961 great blue heron flight

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