Photo Adventures with Curiosity and Learning

July 10, 2016: Hillsborough Upper Tract

Off to Hillsborough Upper Tract - near the Florida trail. Found a very cooperative dragonfly. An opportunity to practice sequential photos at different focal planes - for stacking.

Dragonfly eye

jul 10 6091 dragonfly

Colorful dragonfly eye

jul 10 6093 dragonfly eye

Face of a dragonfly

jul 10 6100 dragonfly eye

Dragonfly eye

jul 10 6105 dragonfly eye

Face of a dragonfly (focus stacked)

jul 10 6114 6125 stack

Another focus stacked image of dragonfly face

jul 10 6114 stack

Stabilimenta - sawtooth ellipse. I don't know this spider - initially I thought it was a juvenile Argiope aurantia but I'm uncertain

jul 10 6130 stack stack stabilimenta


jul 10 6153 ant

Stacked image of ant

jul 10 6153 stack ant

Leucauge venusta

jul 10 6175 leucauge venusta

Water snake

jul 10 6194 snake

Long water snake

jul 10 6195 snake


jul 10 6210 turtle

July 11, 2016: Heron Behavior

This is an unhappy great blue heron - with neck retracted. This little guy is stalking another - either a mating dance - or perhaps territorial control

jul 11 3792 crauching heron

Stalking heron against dawn colors

jul 11 3804 colorful crauching heron

A great blue heron - taking off in dawn colors

jul 11 3813 colorful great blue heron takeoff

jul 11 3814 colorful great blue heron takeoff

I really like to see the different patterns of wing feathers during takeoff and landing

jul 11 3815 colorful great blue heron flight

In flight

jul 11 3816 colorful great blue heron flight

In flight

jul 11 3817 colorful great blue heron flight

In flight reflections

jul 11 3844 stalking heron

Stalking heron

jul 11 3857 fishing heron

Stalked heron - fishing

jul 11 3858 fishing heron

Grabbing a tastey breakfast

jul 11 3859 fishing heron

Another lunge for breakfast

jul 11 3873 fishing heron

jul 11 3884 fishing heron

Video of stalking

Talking heron

jul 11 3901 stalking heron

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