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July 04, 2015: Scorpions at Lower Pierce with Larry

Larry and I returned to Lower Pierce nature trail - looking for whatever. Larry has a new UV torch and we found a number of scorpions. Here is the first one we found - with flash illumination. (I'm also testing my new off camera flash arrangement - using MK-320 flash and flexible dual flash bracket (Fotga)

jul 04 0030 flash scorpion

Here is the scorpion bathed in UV light

jul 04 0035 UV scorpion

A small ladybug - some unwanted flash reflection

jul 04 0044 ladybug eye

Another view

jul 04 0044 ladybug

Larry spotted this scorpion doing battle with a centipede - and the scorpion won

jul 04 0054 scorpian centipede

Oriental whip snake

jul 04 0061 oriental whip snake

Oriental whip snake

jul 04 0064 green whip snake

This may be a Nusatidia or Pristidia from the family Clubionidae (male) and female (Sac Spider). I used my torch to illuminate the underside of leaves and found these two hiding under their silk umbrella. One came out but was not stationary - then returned to their hiding place

jul 04 0068 male jumper maybe

Perhaps Nusatidia sp. or Pristidia sp.

jul 04 0069 male leaf jumper maybe

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