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Janurary 31, 2016: Wilderness Park

Off to teh Wilderness park off I75. Here is Lyssomanes viridis - interesting because she has a transparent cephalothorax and you can watch her move her internal retina as she scans for prey

jan 21 0820 lyssomanes viridis

A fuzzy something

jan 31 0802 fuzzy thing

Another female Lyssomanes viridis

jan 31 0810 lyssomanes viridis

Some sort of mites and a black blob

jan 31 0812 mites

Another view

jan 31 0815 mites

Female Lyssomanes viridis

jan 31 0819 lysommanes viridis

Anterior of Long legged Sac spider, Cheiracanthium mildei

jan 31 0826 long legged sac spider

Cheiracanthium mildei she she is on top of her sac

jan 31 0827 long legged sac spider

Here she is upside down under her roof

jan 31 0831 long legged sac spider home

Another view

jan 31 0836 male long legged sac spider

Female Lyssomanes viridis

jan 31 0840 lyssomanes viridis

Note the lens positions in her medial eyes

jan 31 0846 lyssomanes retina

The black region under her hairy head is her retina

jan 31 0847 lyssomanes internal retina

Another view (laterial) of Lyssomanes viridis and internal retina

jan 31 0848 lyssomanes internal retina

Lyssomanes viritis one retina pointed toward me, the other retina focused in some other direction

jan 31 0857 lyssomanes lens retina

Unknown orb weaver

jan 31 0888 unknown orb weaver

Long legged sac spider, Cheiracanthium mildei

jan 31 0906 long legged sac spider female

Entering her home

jan 31 0913 long legged sac spider entering home

Resitng upside down

jan 31 0914 long legged sac spider in home

Stick insect

jan 31 0925 stick insect

Stick insect

jan 31 0947 stick insect

Crane fly

jan 31 0949 crane fly

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