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January 30, 2016: Mom and the family appear for breakfast

All week - of cold and rain - Bebe did not appear. So I photographed the birds as I walked back to my car. A morning blue heron

jan 29 5017 morning blue heron

White egret and blue heron

jan 29 5031 blue heron white egret

Mom and the kids were waiting for me. Here is a video of the family and me preparing breakfast

Mom and the 4 kids come for breakfast

Surprise - Today was my last day to look for Bebe - because it was the end of a bag of food. The surprise - Bebe was waiting for me and she has 4 kids - not 3. Don't know where the 4th was hiding. Here is the video of her waiting for me and me setting up.

Posted by Frank Starmer on Saturday, January 30, 2016

The raccoon family - apparently quite hungry after all the rain and cold

jan 30 5055 raccoon famimly

Mom and 3 kids

jan 30 5067 mom 3 kids

Mom and 4 kids - a surprise, I only saw three in their tree home

jan 30 5072 mom 4 kids

Mom and 4 kids

jan 30 5074 mom 4 kids

Five fur balls

jan 30 5076 5 fur balls

The family dynamics and a bit of hissing over who gets the food

More mom-kids interactions and sharing with my friends in Shengyang. The ring tone about 1 minute is a WeChat video call from my friends in Shengyang, China.

Posted by Frank Starmer on Saturday, January 30, 2016

Looking for leftovers

jan 30 5080 looking for leftovers

family looking around

jan 30 5087 family looking

Family picnic

jan 30 5095 family picnic

Mom looking at me

jan 30 5114 mom looking at me


jan 30 5124 departing

More departing

jan 30 5137 departing

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