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Janurary 27, 2016: Rain drops and Cyclosa turbinata at Blackwater Creek Nature Preserve

Raindrop lens

jan 27 0622 rain drop lens

Internal filament structure of raindrop lens

jan 27 0627 rain drop lens

Face of a lovebug

jan 27 0640 love bug face

Mating lovebugs

jan 27 0648 mating love bugs

Mating lovebugs

jan 27 0654 mating lovebugs

Cyclosa turbinata

jan 27 0667 cyclosa turbinata close

Web and debris of Cyclosa turbinata

jan 27 0671 cyclosa turbinata web

Strange wasp

jan 27 0683 strange wasp

Raindrop laden brass

jan 27 0684 grass drops

Raindrop lens on grass

jan 27 0685 grass drop lens

Loop lens

jan 27 0703 loop lens

Internal filiment structure of the loop lens

jan 27 0701 loop lens

Unknown orb weaver

jan 27 0707 unknown orbweaver

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