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January 24, 2015: Scorpions, baby scorpions and spiders

Larry and I went to the Lower Pierce Nature trail - in hopes we might see a scorpion - We did and even a mom with zillions of kids hanging on. There is one in UV light

jan 24 4494 scorpion

An flash

jan 24 4497 scorpion

This is a house centipede - Thereuopoda longicornis - but possibly Scutigera coleoptrata

jan 24 4512 house centipede eyes

Thereuopoda longicornis

jan 24 4512 scutigera coleoptrata

A mom scorpion - carrying many juvenile scorpions

jan 24 4521 many scorpions

Many baby scorpions

jan 24 4521 mom baby scorpions

From the side - a tangle of legs

jan 24 4526 many scorpions side

And in UV light - note the juvenile scorpions don't fluoresce

jan 24 4531 baby scorpions dont fluoresce

Better view of the eyes of mom

jan 24 4539 scorpion babies

A jumper (Saltisadae) - just caught a cockroach

jan 24 4545 jumper cockroach

From the side

jan 24 4549 jumper cockroach

Front view of our jumper

jan 24 4580 jumper cockroach

A large ant carrying something - larvae?

jan 24 4559 big ant

Two tailed spider

jan 24 4564 lichen spider

Eyes of a two tailed spider

jan 24 4564 two tailed spider

Nursery web spider - poised to pounce on dinner

jan 24 4573 unknown

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